New in ! Des cachemires tout doux, des couleurs ensoleillées, un superbe imprimé palmier par Roseanna, le sac Chloe LOUISE bleu nuit et les famous bottines biker de Marc Jacobs

On LOUISE Paris Instagram these last days 😊🌴☀️
Chloé Louise midnight blue 🌃 leather bag on my friend's cool architecture books 
Marc Jacobs perfect ankle boots in a light beige leather that ages beautifully (I have them, my sister has them, Kate Moss has them and soon you'll have them and love them so much too 😊✌🏻
- And gorgeous new clothes on in sunshine yellow ☀️, cognac brown colors🍹, and palm trees print🌴 
High quality clothes and shoes made in France and made in Italy by Roseanna FTC Cashmere PAUL & JOE Maison Margiela Max Mara THE MERCER N.Y. Stella McCartney